This year’s AUTLIVE benefitting organizations:

1. Russell Medical Foundation
2. Smile A Mile
3. Coosa Valley Medical Center
4. Children’s of Alabama
5. East Alabama Medical Center
6. Joy to Life
7. aTeam Ministry
8. Russel Hill Foundation
9. Montgomery Cancer Center

Testimonials from Previous Years

The assistance I received from the funds donated by AUTLIVE to the Russell Medical Cancer Center was so helpful during my time of need. With the amount of money spent on co-pays, medicines, and insurance premiums it leaves little to no room for anything else. With help from the assistance fund, I was able to receive much needed medical supplies for symptoms caused by my chemotherapy and radiation treatments. They were a life saver!”

“I appreciate greatly the help I received from funds donated by AUTLive to the Russell Medical Cancer Center Assistance Fund. I was in need of dental extractions so that I could move forward with my treatments. I could simply have not had these procedures done with that help!”

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